üfonic is an electronic music producer and dj from Omaha, NE who appeals anyone who loves to be taken on an adventure. Influenced by Seven Lions, it’s clear that üfonic is an artist who wants to take listeners on a journey—a journey of sound and emotion that will keep you guessing until the end.

In a üfonic set you can expect all of the elements that make him so unique: melodic dubstep and EDM in general, but also a touch of glitchy and wobbly beats that are sure to keep fans guessing.

üfonic has spent years perfecting his sound, which can be heard in every song he releases. He loves to play with different genres of music, but especially enjoys playing Melodic Dubstep because it allows him to show off his skills as both a producer and DJ. He is known for bringing something new and unexpected with each set he plays.



Power & Progress Festival 2021
Columbus, NE

Omaha, NE



In My Dreams feat. Golden Goddess (Original mix)

Feelings Inside feat. Golden Goddess (Original Mix)

Ignite (Original Mix)